Ice Ball Pro

Made in the USA
Ice Ball Pro is a commercial quality alley roller game built specially for home arcades.
• Available in three different cabinet colors: Blue, Black & Pink
• 10-foot alley
• No coin, free play only
• Full color Dot-Matrix display marquee
• One Year Warranty and the industry’s best support
• Ice Ball Pro’s synchronized multi-color LED lighting will bring a cool light show to your home game room.
Price: $6,295
Please contact us for payment and delivery options.
Delivery with in-home setup is available for South Florida, The Treasure Coast and the Southwest Naples area.

5 Game Modes

Arcade: The classic alley roller game – throw 9 balls – score as many points as you can.
First to Zero: Compete to get to zero first. For every ball thrown it subtracts from the score. First player to 0 wins.
Fast N Accurate: Throw fast to score more points, pick up the “Time Bonus”. It’s all about speed and accuracy.
Cricket: First player to hit every hole three times wins!
Combo Bonus: Hit the same pocket multiple times in a row to win bonus multipliers.

Ice Ball Pro Black
Ice Ball Pro Pink
Dimensions: 30″W x 120″L x 80″H
Weight: 350 lbs